The Media and Michele Kole discuss the benefits of reverse mortgages

 THE MEDIA discusses Reverse Mortgages

Michele Kole, Reverse Mortgage Specialist, appears in THE MEDIA discussing how a REVERSE MORTGAGE might fund your 62+ lifestyle! Learn how you might benefit if you are an eligible homeowner over the age of 62.  Whether you want more cash flow, to postpone taking Social Security, pay off your current debt, bridge the shortfall between your pension and your lifestyle.  Gain peace of mind, or even buy a home! A REVERSE MORTGAGE may be the right Retirement Funding Strategy for you. We dispel myths surrounding REVERSE MORTGAGES and give you ideas that may help you or someone you care about.

When Should I Get A Reverse Mortgage?

​IN THE MEDIA:  Michele Kole, Reverse Mortgage Specialist, and Steve Sexton, Financial adviser and host of THE SILVER HAIR TSUNAMI, discuss various aspects of the REVERSE MORTGAGE on an episode of THE AMERICAN DREAM SHOW.

Helping Mom Stay in Her Home

IN THE MEDIA:  Craig Sewing, host of THE AMERICAN DREAM SHOW, asks Michele Kole to tell the personal story of how her Mom got to stay in her home when her Dad had a stroke and was moved to a nursing home.  

When Should I Take Social Security?

IN THE MEDIA:  REVERSE MORTGAGES can play a vital role in making this decision.  Learn from our discussion on THE AMERICAN DREAM SHOW as Lenka Holman, financial adviser, and Michele Kole discuss various options to consider when determining the right time to take your social security. 

Using a Reverse Mortgage to Buy a Future Retirement Home

IN THE MEDIA:  Michele and Craig discuss how one couple used a REVERSE MORTGAGE  to provide funding for their future retirement home.  It was a strategy they used to time the real estate market. They did not want to sell their current home in a down market.  But they were happy to buy low!

3 Ways to Use a Reverse Mortgage to Fund    Your 62+ Lifestyle

IN THE MEDIA:  Steve Sexton and Michele Kole discuss 3 ways to fund your 62+ Lifestyle using a REVERSE MORTGAGE.  You might want to pay off your exiting mortgage, or if your home is free and clear - you could put a line-of-credit in place for the future, or maybe you want to buy your dream home!  

Reverse Mortgage Myths & Strategy

IN THE MEDIA:  Michele and Andrea Kaye, guest host on the American Dream Show, talk about prevailing myths and what is the actual truth about a reverse mortgage.  A Reverse Mortgage is a financial tool that often provides the right strategy for achieving a better retirement lifestyle.

You Can Buy a Home with

a Reverse Mortgage

IN THE MEDIA:  Craig Sewing and Michele discuss how to buy a home with a reverse mortgage.    You'll see how using some cash and a reverse mortgage may buy you the home you really want, with no monthly mortgage payments (you still pay your taxes and insurance) and you may even get to keep more cash in your pocket!