"How to Fund Your 62+ Lifestyle"

A Reverse Mortgage Strategy




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Michele Kole, Reverse Mortgage Specialist, shares real life stories on the AMERICAN DREAM SHOW, the SILVER HAIRED TSUNAMI, THE ANSWER and other venues.  Listening to these stories can help you  understand if this loan is the right solution to help you fund your 62+ lifestyle! Take a few minutes now to see and hear what might change your life too! Click below for access to our media page. 

The Nitty-Gritty

Discover ways this loan strategy might work for you!  Look over the list and click the "Learn More" button below:

  • More CASH FLOW
  • Line of Credit to access future cash
  • Asset Preservation
  • The difference between a HECM and the JUMBO variation
  • How to Buy a Home with this unique mortgage
  • ***No Monthly Principle and Interest payments​

***Borrower is still required to pay their property taxes, hazard insurance, HOA or other property charges.


Here are valuable brochures that explain in detail how this unique loan strategy might work for you!  Click on each item listed to download a copy for yourself:


Why I Became a Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Why I became a REVERSE MORTGAGE Specialist is simple. It's a fact, that without this amazing loan my Mom at 93 would not be living in her own home. My mortgage lending career spans 29 years; but nothing in my lending toolbox compares to the "Life-changing" effect this mortgage loan made for my mom! 

The event that required this "Life-changing" solution occurred when My Dad had a massive stroke and went to live in a skilled nursing home. In order to pay for his care I helped Mom obtain a REVERSE MORTGAGE. This loan was the only way she could pay for his care and stay in her home.  Dad passed about 9 years ago, and Mom is still receiving monthly cash payments from their REVERSE MORTGAGE.  These cash payments allow her to stay in her home with a full time caregiver.  As her daughter it makes my heart very glad that this "Life-changing" loan has made a dramatic difference in her life! It is also my heart that I might be able to do the same for you or someone you care about.

Watch this short video and hear from my Mom about a wonderful life in the home she loves and a legacy that continues to this day - made possible by her reverse mortgage!

My Clients have something to say about their REVERSE MORTGAGE experience

"I'm so glad I decided on you as my agent" 

Thank you for getting my reverse mortgage, I'm so glad I decided on you as my agent. I really appreciate you going over and over things I did not understand.  You are very honest, patient, helpful, friendly, and cooperative. I will certainly recommend you to other people. Arlie P.

"....the best financial decision...."

​I still say getting a reverse mortgage was the best financial decision Doug and I ever made. Expecially with your undying patience and leadership. We remain Grateful to know you, Tracy K.

"...Professional, truly honest..."

​If you are considering a reverse mortgage you can be assured that she will give you honest complete answers... In today's time it is hard to find professional, truly honest and patient individuals to work with.  Michele is an exemplary example of just that. Warmly, Coni M.